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I am a Vice President at Compass Lexecon, where I specialize in business valuation, complex asset pricing, and corporate finance. In my over 12 years as an economic consultant, I have worked on hundreds of engagements involving firms across a broad-spectrum of industries and a wide-range of financial and economic issues, such as valuation, appraisals, solvency, lost profits, securities, materiality, loss causation, and damages.

I have previously held corporate finance functions at a real estate development firm, where I was responsible for financial planning & analysis (FP&A), capital budgeting, and investments.

I am the author of the financial modeling textbook Analyzing Financial Data and Implementing Financial Models Using R, which is published by Springer. As of December 2017, the e-book version has been downloaded over 38,000 times (check my book's Bookmetrix site for the latest statistics).

I have also published several practitioner-oriented articles on valuation. My articles "Why We Shouldn't Add a Size Premium to the CAPM Cost of Equity" and "Estimating Debt Betas and Beta Unlevering Formulas" were the two highest rated articles of 2017 in the National Association of Certified Valuations and Analysts (NACVA) QuickRead. QuickRead is a weekly newsletter that publishes approximately 100 articles annually and has an annual readership of 50,000 professionals. My article "Absence of a Size Effect Relevant to the Cost of Equity" is forthcoming in the Business Valuation Review (abstract on SSRN).

I also teach Equity and Bond Valuation courses at DataCamp, an interactive learning platform for data science. Previously, I have held teaching appointments at several universities, the last of which was at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. I have taught courses in valuation, investments, corporate finance, and international financial management.

I hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and am a volunteer at the CFA Institute. I am also a member of the Olin Alumni Board at Washington University in St. Louis.

My CV and LinkedIn Page contains additional information about my training and experience.



"One of the best books [] available on Financial Modeling Using R. I find it extremely practical and I would recommend this book for all the Finance guys who use R for data analysis. While reading the book, you will get a feeling that you are attending a workshop and an extremely talented trainer is training you. I wish I read this book before."

- P. Mohanty, September 2015
(Review on

"This book is aimed at students in finance and economics who are beginners to the R statistical programming language. We recommend the book for its intended audience, plus perhaps personal investors who want to experiment in R with portfolio optimization and simulation studies of likely ranges of securities."

- Lauren Burr and Tom Burr, Technometrics, Vol. 58 (2), April 2016
(Review cited on my book's Bookmetrix page)

My book is available on and Springer's website, among other places.

In writing this book, I envisioned developing a financial modeling text that handholds the student through every step of the process and only uses publicly-available data. The goal is for the student to be able to leverage everything they see and learn in this book outside of the classroom. Through the years, I've received e-mails from readers of my book noting how readable my book is and how useful it was for them. These e-mails come from seasoned finance practitioners wanting to learn how to use R to students beginning to learn finance and R. These e-mails make me glad that I wrote my book because I can see how it has directly helped others. Hopefully, my book is able to help you in your journey to learn financial modeling.

This link contains a running list of errata for my book.

The options data used in the book can be downloaded by clicking on the CSV icon below.

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Bond Valuation and Analysis in R | Equity Valuation in R

I worked with DataCamp, an interactive learning platform for R/Python and Data Science, to develop two courses: one on Equity Valuation and another on Bond Valuation. These are applied valuation courses using R and are intended to teach students the fundamentals of equity and bond valuation and how to implement these concepts. I encourage everyone to check out my courses by clicking on the screenshots on the left. You can also check out the interview I did after recording my Bond Valuation course by clicking on the play button below. My instructor page on DataCamp can be accessed here.